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Imagine the inconvenience you have to go through when you are caught up with any plumbing- related issues. Save your time when looking for reliable Singapore plumber with cheap and affordable prices. We guaranteed a well- experienced and well-equipped plumber that will save you from hassle and inconvenience. Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd is always committed to providing you solutions for all your plumbing needs from installation of sink, toilet bowls, bidet, water heaters, connecting pipes to drains, sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, heaters and water tanks, to repairing leakages, draining chokes and clearing clogs and floor trap. 

Weather it’s a new installation or replacement of anything you have in the bathroom, we guarantee a fast and efficient professional plumbing and cheap service in Singapore. We got everything you need to ensure a safe, hassle-free and functional water ways for your property. Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd has been stablished to be servicing and providing quality works over the years to residential and commercial spaces or properties. So, if you need something fixed urgently that requires fast and efficient Plumbing service yet cheap and affordable, you can always count on to Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd and contact us at 8163 2621. 

Aside for the full range of services we offer from installation to replacement and repair, we also have a workmanship warranty. One of the things we always indicate every time we provide a service. As we also guarantee the quality of work we provide, we offer 30-day service warranty. For cases like something fails to function, or issues are consistently happening that is related to works we did, we don’t leave you high and dry! You are guaranteed a peace of mind as we will schedule a return and check things out with no additional charges. A quality and cheap or affordable Singapore plumber is within your reach. You just have to call our number 8163 2621, and our sales team is always ready and fast to pick up the phone for you and assist you with your plumbing-issues inquiry. 

Our company often offers free site surveys to go to the actual site or location and assess the problem if photos or videos our customers will send won’t suffice the information needed to identify the root cause and the main issue. We will look at the issue thoroughly and discuss the best solution or recommendation to fix the issue. Its part of our process to ensure there is an understanding between the customers and well-experienced plumbers with regards to the cost and job scope. 

Our specialised plumbing services are

    • Water Heater Repair & Installation
    • Boiler Repair & Installation
    • Bath tub replacement and installation
    • Water Piping Repair & Installation
    • Fix leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets, faucets, bath tubs,Sewer Pipe
    • Clearing floor trap choke.
    • Unblock drainage pipe.
    • Water leakage detection.
    • Repair exposed copper pipe leak
    • Replace Water tap, WC Sensor & WC flush cisterns.
    • Supply and install of water heater storage/instant
    • Supply and install toilet bowl set & basin
    • Replace floor trap pvc/ stainless steel
    • Bidet installation and repair
    • Supply and Kitchen sink installation 
    • sink modification top Mount To bottom mount
    • Supply and install basin bottle trap/bathtubs stopper
    • Supply and install shower head/mixer.

Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd has always been passionate in providing quality works like this over the past years as proven from more than hundreds of households we have serviced and catered. Stop worrying about your plumbing issue, we got you! Let our team of professional and skilled plumbers do that for you. You can call us or send a message via WhatsApp at  816 3 2621 to get a quote and let your worries be taken.  

Contact Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd for Cheap Plumber service: 
Hit the phone call button and dial us at 8163 2621 , email us at, or send us a direct WhatsApp message with your Plumbing service inquiry so we can discuss and come up with the best solutions and resolutions that will cater your needs. You can also contact us for other handyman services (such as, Electrical service, carpentry service, Painting works, Aircon servicing, door and window services and general maintenance work) as our company service is not limited to plumbing service.  Our team will be happy to talk to you.