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Best Aircon Servicing and Aircon Repair Services

With the hot weather in Singapore, most of the Singapore households will install the aircon unit in their house. Therefore, the aircon is a frequent fixture that often used by every household. The aircon units can come to high maintenance costs if they used it always. So, aircon repair is needed where there are aircon issues such as aircon is not cool or leaking.

Q: What are the usual inclusions of your general air-conditioning services?

A: Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd standard process for general air conditioning services includes checking, washing and cleaning of filters of the fan coil unit. Part of the air con cleaning procedure in Singapore is to also check the motor and fan bearing and put lubricant when necessary. We also use vacuum or blower and wash using water its pipe to ensure no dust is stuck that will affect the performance of your air-con unit. Flushing the dust with water or use blower when necessary. And then once the actual fan coil unit is done, our professional and experienced team will check the refrigerator system if need to do gas top up or check the cooling coil, drainpipe and clear choke when needed. Our team always brings air con repair kit to ensure everything will be covered. 

Q: Is chemical wash or chemical overhaul part of your general air conditioning services? 

A: Although the basic procedure or process includes checking of pipes, removing stuck jellies and dust is part of the chemical wash. There are instances that the fan coil unit hasn’t been cleaned for quite a while and dust can get stuck up which will become hard jelly. This case, the water and blower might not be enough to remove it and clear the pipe. Joydom Engineering ensures a long-term solution and normally recommends doing a chemical wash or chemical overhaul. The main reason is because the stuck hard jellies cannot be dissolved by simple water wash, it needs to use chemical to ensure the pipe and the parts get cleared. The chemical wash or overhaul however is a separate price. 

Q: What is the difference between a chemical wash and chemical overhaul?

A: Both processes uses chemical when doing the air-con cleaning. The chemical wash is simpler as we don’t take out almost all unit and clean. While the chemical overhaul, our experienced team dismantle the whole fan coil unit and do a thorough chemical wash of its part and put it back again.  The chemical overhaul is best done and recommended when the unit is leaking badly and when unit hasn’t been service for a long time. 

Q: How often do we need to do general Air conditioning cleaning and chemical wash? 

A: ideally the general air con cleaning should be done every 3 months (quarterly) to maintain its performance and ensure to always be in its best to avoid any fan coil issues or problems such as leaking or not cooling.  For some reason that fan coil unit is leaking, not cooling or having a sound, those were indicators that Air con need to be serviced either a chemical wash or chemical overhaul. 

Q: What will happen if I miss the quarterly Air-con cleaning?

A: Air-con issues will start to be seen when maintenance is not done, such as water leaking from the fan coil unit, bad smell or dirty air coming out of the air con, sounds, and not cooling enough. If that is the case, we suggest one-time chemical overhaul of the fan coil unit and go back to normal maintenance after every 3 months going forward. 

Q: When should I do Gas top and is it included in the normal/general air-con cleaning? 

A: Checking whether there’s enough gas on the condenser is part of the cleaning process, however, topping up a gas is a separate procedure or process. Hence, different price when done. Our air-con team will suggest if gas need to be toped up. There should be enough coolant on the compressor to maintain the cool air being blown by the inside units. As gas need to be balanced, the gas can’t be more than the standard volume and can’t be less. 

Q: What if after my Air-con cleaning service, I discover some issues with my fan coil unit? Will you charge me another price to come and check or another air con repair cost?

A: Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd ensures end to end process. Our customers are guaranteed a 1-month service warranty. We can schedule for our experienced air con guys to go back and check what is the possible cause of the issue. If it has something to do and connected to the service we did, we will fix and repair it at no cost. In case the issue has got nothing to do and not connected with the service we did; it will be discussed with the customer. 

Q: Does your company provides Aircon servicing promotion?

A: As air con cleaning in Singapore is very common, we guarantee a cheap air con servicing price in the market. Promotions from time to time is being offered which we announce to all the platforms we use, may it either be home air conditioning service specials or discounted commercial aircon servicing. There could be a lot of air con service company in Singapore but look no further. We take high pride in our quality service with the most affordable rate. 

Q: Is your pricing for aircon maintenance contract or one-time service depends on what type of air-con brand we wish to service?

A: The price only differs in what type of air conditioning we will need to service (wall mounted, split type or cassette ceiling). We accommodate almost all air con service company brands. Most common brand we do aircon cleaning in Singapore is Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic. 

Q: How much is the air con repair cost? 

A: Normally we need to troubleshoot first and our professional team need to check what is the main issue and what’s causing it. Once Identified we discuss to our customer the best recommended action to repair or fix including the price how much. If customer agrees, we proceed on the air con repair, should they need more days to decide we charge troubleshooting fee of $50 which will be deducted from the air con repair cost once they agree and continue with the air con repair.  

Q: Does your aircon service company attend to weekends appointment?

A: As one of the most competitive air con service companies in Singapore, our team works and operates all days of the week Monday to Sunday.  Joydom Engineering does Air con repair or normal air conditioning servicing on a Sunday. Just give us a call and make or reserve an appoint.  

Q: How do I make the appointment? 

A: You can reach us in many ways. Need a cheap aircon servicing Singapore, or air con maintenance contract, air con repair in Singapore on a Sunday, may it either be a home/residential or commercial aircon servicing, look no further. Call us at 8163 2621,send a text or a message in WhatsApp, send us an email at, look us  in Carousell and search our company name Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd, or hit us in Facebook messenger.  We are working around the clock to provide the best air con service  you only deserve.