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With the hot weather in Singapore, most of the Singapore households will install the aircon unit in their house. Therefore, the aircon is a frequent fixture that often used by every household. The aircon units can come to high maintenance costs if they used it always. So, aircon repair is needed where there are aircon issues such as aircon is not cool or leaking.

Your home unit aircon should have the cleaning services regularly in order to increase the lifespan and the performance. The dust will leave in the filter over time if you don’t clean or vacuum the filter regularly and the dust filter will cause the aircon system to function harder than regular. Due to harder to run the system, the energy consumption will become higher and lead to high electricity bills. 

Besides, the probability of getting the aircon not cool or leaking issue will be higher if you don’t clean your aircon regularly. The serviceman is able to help you to check and discover the issue in the early stage and repair work could be done immediately to avoid the worst to happen if you have carried out the regular cleaning servicing. Sometimes, you will face some aircon issue such as aircon not cool or aircon making sound after certain period of usage when you are not carrying out the checking process by a professional regularly. Therefore, it is important to have regular aircon cleaning services by a professional serviceman, because in the meantime they are able to do the checking for the aircon during the servicing. 

Chemical Cleaning

Somehow a normal cleaning aircon services may not be able to get all the dirt away for the older air-conditioners, so aircon chemical wash is needed to ensure the old aircon units can retain the functionality and get back to the good working condition. Therefore, we do provide the chemical wash and the chemical overhaul services for the aircon units. Chemical wash does not only clean the aircon unit system but it also comes with full maintenance and servicing to ensure the aircon unit lasts even longer. It also is able to improve the smell, quality of the aircon, cooling power and prevent leaking. 


At Joydom Engineering, we aim to provide you the best price for the aircon and maintenance services. However, the price for the chemical wash is more expensive compared to aircon normal wash because it is more beneficial than a normal aircon cleaning due to the chemical-based cleaning agents can remove the rust and the dirt for every trace.


Gas Top Up

Over the time, some aircon units may have the issue of decreasing of cooling power. Therefore, you will need help from a professional aircon technician to check for the gas level for the aircon units. Lack of gas will lead to the poor performance of the aircon unit and you may feel the temperature is remaining at a certain degree and you will feel not cold with the air flows that coming out from the aircon. When the gas is refilled, the aircon will back to its normal performance.

Why you should choose us?

Cheap aircon servicing

Joydom Engineering is providing the cheapest aircon cleaning package which comes with 30 days for service warranty on the scope of service warranty. Besides, we also provide contract aircon servicing which consists of 4 times service per year for every quarter. Once you signed up for the contract aircon servicing, you will receive an SMS notification every 3 months automatically. Then, you will be reminded to schedule for the next aircon servicing appointment. You can call us at the moment to reserve for the aircon servicing appointment.

Furthermore, we provide aircon repair services for the offices and the residential. We have a qualified and professional technician which can help you to settle the aircon issues. It is important to have the aircon cleaning servicing every 3 of the months to maintain or keep your aircon unit in the perfect condition.

Some people are looking for the cheapest aircon cleaning services as they think it is just a simple step to do the cleaning by using water, and they think it is not necessary to pay for a high cost for the normal aircon servicing. Nowadays, there are many aircon service companies in Singapore, and most of them are offering cheaper aircon service packages in the market.


We provide quality aircon installation at affordable price. Our Aircon Specialists and Technicians are certified and qualified to handle all kinds of aircon breaks down.  

Other than aircon cleaning servicing, we do provide for other maintenance services such as plumbing, carpentry service, painting, and other home repairs services. Can call us at +65 8163 2621 / +65 9068 6212 anytime, anywhere, we are here to serve you!