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Water Heater Installation And Water Heater Repair

Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd provides water heater supply and installation, water heater replacement and repair not only for residential customers but also for offices or commercial clients. Our company offers the most affordable plumbing and electrical service in Singapore. As we all understand the significance of warm water in our everyday lives and its important to ensure that we have well- equipped plumbers and licensed electricians to provide service and help out should there be any problems, may it be any issues to your tank water heater or instant water heater. We’ve got that covered for you!

Joydom Engineering has been doing water heater installation, replacement and repair over the past years across Singapore and supplied different brands of water heaters in the most affordable or cheapest price. Top water heater brands that we supply previously are Arriston Rheem and Joven. Also, for some cases, clients or customers who choose to have their own brand, we find ways to supply and install the type and brand of a water heater according to their preference. For us, our client’s convenience and satisfaction are the top priorities. 

We take pride in providing a great quality in all the works that we do as we always bank on in having professional and experienced plumbers and electricians. We ensure to our clients that we deliver a quality of service that’s within or even beyond their expectations. Not only that we supply and install new water heater, but we also fix common issues, like leakages, broken switches, any electrical wiring problem or if the actual unit is malfunctioned (not turning on or not producing warm water). We normally send our experienced plumbers to check and verify the main cause of the issue before recommending the most appropriate solution weather the water heater is for replacement or repair. The procedures of repair work and installation/replacement is guaranteed tested and established to ensure we deliver an excellent result or output. 

Our company provides a guaranteed thorough check-up on the reported issue and discuss it with customers including providing a quotation or a rough estimation. Our company is ensuring to send our trusted plumbers to perform the correct way of troubleshooting from electrical wiring up to the pipes connected to the water heater. We also don’t want you to worry should there be unforeseen issues after the installation as we guaranteed a 1-month workmanship warranty (applicable to instant water heater and tank water heater). 

As we aim to provide an overall excellent service from end to end, we made it easier for our customers or clients to contact us should they want to inquire and book an appointment for the actual visit. Customers can make an inquiry to know the price range for water heater installation, replacement or repair. Our platform for taking order or service requests have been expanded online where they can easily go to our company’s website and click contact us where and quickly fill up the form with basic information and we definitely guarantee a quick response to  customers inquiry not more than 1 hour during business hours (for non-business hours or days we  have at least 24-hr SLA). We understand the need of looking for a plumbing or electrical service and we are committed to fulfilling that by ensuring we make all our frontliners available to answer inquiries. 

Why would you need water heater replacement or repair?

Water heaters will encounter some issues after been used for a certain or a long time of period, then you will need to repair or replace them with the new one. So, what are the common problems of water heater that usually occur?

1.      Abnormal heat temperature – when the water heater is set with a very high temperature and there is a limited amount of water can pass through the output valve, this will cause the water comes out with a very high temperature.

2.      Noise – Sound occurs when you turn on the water heater or turn on the tap.

3.      Leaking – Water heater leaking issue may happen which cause by corrosion, pressure or overheating of the water heater.

4.      Water discoloration – May occurs when the heating rod of the water heater becomes corroded.

5.      Initial cold outflow – The cold water is coming out at the first 1-2 minutes when you turn on the instant heater and it takes some time for the initial water to be heated.


In order to prevent the issue as stated above, it is important to have proper maintenance for your water heater. The proper water heater service maintenance can help to prolong your water heater and to avoid any unnecessary hassles that will occur in the future.

Save yourself and your precious time from any hassle, unnecessary expenses and trouble in making your water heater installed and repaired. Don’t go looking around or everywhere else. You may call Joydom Engineering or send a WhatsApp message at +65 8163 2621 or +65 9068 6212 to book an appointment and get the work done. 

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