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Common reason why you need to do a door repair

These are the common reason why you need to do a door repair | Singapore door repair:

1. If the door is hitting the floor or you need some strength to close or open the door - If you are having this problem. then, you might need to do door alignment. Door alignment is being done by checking the condition of all your hinges, realign and tighten it. If by realignment, the door stills keeps-off on its alignment then you might need to consider changing your hinge. It happens because probably your hinge cannot handle the weight of your door and it requires a more heavy duty hinge.

2. The hinges are rusty or loose - When the hinges are rusty or loose, it is better to change your hinges to ensure that the door was secure and won't fall down any time soon.

3. When the door is making some creek sound - If the door is making some sounds, maybe you need to check your hinges. If it is too tight, you just need to apply a bit of oil to have a smooth opening of the door.

4. Wood is rotten - this happens due to the moisture content wherein the varnish coating has been tarnished. The water damage wood will have some mold, wet or stains that are going to be extremely vulnerable to water leaks.

This issue can be repaired by removing the rotten wood. If the damaged area is not that serious, we can use putty to patch up the damaged area and fill up the hollow area. To smoothen the area, it needs to be sanded and repaint the door to have even color tone.

If the damage was done by termite, it is strongly to replace the door and the door frame to ensure that there is no more termite surrounding it. Make sure that you have treated the termites before installing a new door and frame.

5. Door Laminate has cracks or peels off - If there is a peel off from the main body on the door laminate, you can use a max bond to stick it on the main body of the door. Just need to be extra careful as the laminate is quite fragile especially if you are using the thin laminates. It is better to engage a professional handyman to do this job to ensure polished job.

If there is a crack, it is better to change the entire laminate as sometimes, you cannot see the match to your existing laminate.

How much does a door repair cost?

The repair cost of each door varies on the type of job that you will be doing. These are the prices of the common door repair charges in thge market now for residential door repair cost, front door repair cost, house door repair cost:

*The price mentioned below are based on the market price

1. Door Alignment - this is one of the common door repair service. $80 -$200

2. Door Knob replacement - Supply and install of doorknob ranges from $60 - $200 or more depending on the doorknob design.

3. Hinge Replacement - It might be just a small material for you but it takes 2 or even 3  person to change the hinge as they need to remove the entire door just to replace it. Range is $70 per hinge (if just 1 hinge needs to be replaced) more than 3, market rate, they give it for succeeding $30-40 each.

Aside from the door repair, one of the most common concern is how much does it cost to replace a door frame? To answer this question, it will cost you roughly around $1200 - $1500. Why is it expensive? because it will take 2 days and the frame should be properly aligned and it should be dried well before installing the frame itself.

We also provide glass door repair & replacement, sliding door replacement and door lock repair and replacement.

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