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Most of the carpentry service in Singapore is done in a huge scale like renovations may it be in commercial or residential property. But for cases like simple hinge broken, cupboard misalignment, door lock or door lock replacement, putting simple bracket on the sink cabinet or any small jobs that’s only costing about less than $500, some clients and customers are finding it hard to look for a company that caters simple carpentry works as such, in Singapore. Joydom Engineering Pte ltd is here to accommodate minor or major carpentry needs may it be installation, repair or alteration that is not as huge as renovation works.

Nowadays, Singapore carpentry services have created a great demand for the market as we can see most of the people would like to have their ideal customized furniture, tables or even chair in their home to improve their home ambiance. Some of the people would like to purchase the assemble types of furniture from IKEA or online store because the price is cheaper. Therefore, Singapore carpentry services provide the professional and skilled Carpenter Singapore to carry for the furniture assembling works for those who have no idea to do the job by themselves. What carpenter Singapore does in creating good handiwork for the customer? They are performing the cutting, shaping, and installation of furniture materials and other related handyman works.


Therefore, carpenter Singapore must have the carpenter skills to ensure the handiworks are done properly and the work is up to code. They are required to have analyzed technical drawing skills, critical thinking skills, hand tools skills, and other handyman related skills to deal with customers and they also need to fully understand the unique requirement from the customer. So, are you thinking to find a reliable carpenter for your home? Stop looking around and come engage with us as we have the professional and skilled carpenter that can help you to complete your carpentry or furniture repair works.

Carpentry Service, Carpenter Singapore

It is unsafe and risky if you fix the broken wardrobe on your own without the proper carpentry skills. Lack of skills may cause the fixing process to become slow and unsafe. To avoid unnecessary hassles and risks, it is better to look for an expert or professional to help in fixing the wardrobe. Especially for those who have kids or old people at home, it will be better if you find someone skilled person to do the job for you to ensure safety. Whether you need the simple wardrobe fixing work or assembly work you can look for our verified carpenters who could help you to handle a variety of carpentry assembly or installation job.

If you need carpentry service to fix your broken wardrobe or misaligned cupboard, our team is always ready to cover for you. There are times when you don’t have much time to fix your broken kitchen cabinets, shelves and any of your furniture, you can contact our friendly, professional, affordable carpenters based right here in Singapore. We offer a high- quality workmanship in carpentry service that is guaranteed to be worth the value of your money. Fast, reliable, professional carpenters without having to pay a hefty price.  

The rates for the carpentry service depend on the scope and the complexity of work needed to be done. You can get a free quote by contacting us, our team will be more than happy to assist. Our carpentry service based in Singapore covers replacing kitchen cabinet, paint varnishing dining table and any other furniture, fixing, replacing or installing cabinet handle and hinge, door alignment, assemble shelve, mounting vanity mirrors etc.  

We have all the Know-Hows to do the carpentry service with a very much affordable price. No job is too small. Built in or modification of wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, closet, furniture or storage we also do specialize. Our professional and reliable carpenters are based in Singapore, you can contact us (call, sms, WhatsApp) if you want to get a quotation or you wish to book an appointment for site visit. We guarantee that we will provide you the assistance you need. 

Joydom Engineering Pte ltd is a well-established company that provides carpentry service in Singapore over the years. We have handled numerous or hundreds of projects catering small to average and huge carpentry needs with our skilled and professional carpenters. You don’t have to worry about having a bulk carpentry works to get the small fix done as we can always reserve an appointment for you and get the job done the quickest time possible.  There is no doubt that there are a lot of competitions on going for carpentry service around Singapore, but not all can cater without setting a minimum amount for the job. 

Most of the common Carpentry services we have catered in the past:

Ø           Supply, Installation or replacement of the following:

o   Cabinet hinges

o   Cupboard/cabinet track

o   Vanity mirror

o   Cabinet doors below the sink

o   Cabinet locks

o   Wardrobe support

o   Doors

o   Doorknobs

o   Door locks

o   Door frame

o   Supporting brackets

Ø        Install, Assemble or Dismantle of the following:

o   Beds

o   Furniture

o    Shelves

o   Table

o   Chairs

Ø      Repair or alteration of doors, door frame, cabinet and shelves or handrails

Ø     Varnish woods

Ø     Customize shelves or furniture.

Ø     Mounting picture frame or any display into a partition etc.

Joydom Engineering Pte ltd caters almost all handyman services and carpentry service is one of the many services we provide. We always guarantee a quality output with the help of our professional and well- experienced carpenters. Our priority is always to make our clients satisfied with the carpentry service we provide without costing them too much. Our service has been found to be affordable and cheap as compared to the other competitors in the market. Part of the service is the 30-day warranty we provide. For uncontrollable cases like If anything happens related to the one we did within the warranty period, we will surely come back to have it fixed. This happens in a very seldom occasion but we don’t want our clients to worry if such things may occur.

Save yourself a lot of time and convenience from going around and looking for a carpentry service in Singapore. Our company offers a complete range of carpentry service that fits your need or requirements. We promise a highly skilled carpenters that is willing to discuss the output you wish to have with your preferred specifications or products/ materials. Customer’s satisfaction is always our top priority. So, hurry up! Feel free to get a quote before the work starts.


Contact Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd for Carpentry service:

Hit the phone call button and dial us at 8163 2621 , email us at, or send us a direct WhatsApp message with your carpentry service inquiry so we can discuss and come up with the best solutions and resolutions that will cater your needs. You can also contact us for other handyman services (such as, Electrical service, plumbing service, Painting works, Aircon servicing, door and window services and general maintenance work) as our company service is not limited to carpentry service.  Our team will be happy to talk to you.