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Door Lock Repair And Door Lock Replacement

Door locks trouble and issues may seem to be simple and small, but this often causes headache especially as the is essential when talking about privacy and safety. These are the issues mostly being overlook, until the damage can be bigger and huge that it could’ve been when prevented. A simple repair sometimes may lead to door lock replacement, which could cost a little higher than expected when we are not keen on fixing this as early as possible.

Joydom Engineering specializes in general maintenance works involving pretty much all handyman services in which door lock repair and door lock replacement is one of the services we provide over the past years. Normally we can provide a quotation based on the photos that customers can send over WhatsApp or email, should they agree on the proposed price and rough quotation an appointment can be reserved as quick as possible. Our team is proven to be giving a quality yet affordable and cheap price.

As our company prioritizes the highest level of satisfaction to all the output we produce, it is important that we hear our clients and customers regarding what they want, particularly on the specifications or features of the door locks according to their preferences. Our highly skilled and professional team that specializes in doors are trained to discuss the best solutions and recommendations with the clients based on their thorough assessment with the current condition of door locks. For cases like they want a specific brand (like locksmith), we would look and provide the product accordingly.

It is seemingly simple to do, but we would highly recommend getting professionals and skilled workers in having this work done to not worry on the long-term effect of its good quality. You don’t need to hop around and waste much of your time in looking for a company who could help you not just with your door locks repair or replacement but with the entire door issues. Our team is composed of multi-skilled professionals who can cater your handyman needs. Not just we can only do repair or replacement of door locks, we can also doo door and door frame replacement.

Joydom Engineering is committed to observe safety ad necessary standards for every service that we do, may it either be for replacement or new installation. Customers are guaranteed when it comes to expecting a good and high-quality output or result. You can call us to get a free quote at 8163 2621 and our team is happy to talk to you soon and assist you with your door inquiry. You can also send your questions at or message us in WhatsApp. 

We also provide plumbing service, carpentry service, painting service, door repair service and other general repairs and maintenance service.