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In the current market, we can find out many households are preferring the LED light compare to the normal conventional lights. This is because there are many benefits of the LED light compare to the conventional lights. Electrical services Singapore is needed when you need to install the lights.

Some people will purchase the lights from the store or online because the cost is cheap and they would like to install the lights with the design that they were preferred in their home but due to lack of experience and skill to do the light installation by themselves, they need to find a professional electrician to do the light installation for them. This is because professional electricians can do the light installation correctly and safely. Besides, you are not able to install the lights by yourselves is because you are not trained, or the one who are the experts of the light’s installation works.


The benefit of the LED light compared to Conventional Light:

1.       The LED light normally can last for long and is more efficient in terms of energy if compared with the conventional light.

2.       The LED light installation Singapore will become bright instantly and we no need to wait for few seconds for the lights to turn on.

3.       LED light produces less heat if compared to other lights.

4.       LED light are physically small compared to conventional lights.


Our electricians are well trained in the LED light installation and replacement. Other than light installation services, our handyman and electrician can also do the water heater installation, ceiling fan installation , ceiling light installation, switch replacement, power point installation , aircon installation and other electrical works. You can call us at +65 8163 2621/ +65 9068 6212 for the electrical installation works. Besides, you can email us at enquiry@joydom.com.sg for any inquiry regarding the handyman or electrical services.

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