glass door repair , glass door replacement

Glass Door Repair And Glass Door Replacement

Joydom Engineering provides glass door repair and glass door replacement services across Singapore. Most of the glass issues that we attend are the following:

1. The door cannot open. 

2. Door Alignment

3. Door closer making some sound

4. Door Closer need to replace

5. Rusty Glass door hinge

Not all glass doors can be repaired. In most cases, the repair work involves taking down the glass door from the hinge and door closer after which realignment would be needed. 

If you are looking for a professional and efficient glass door repair, glass door replacement, sliding door replacement, wooden door repair, sliding door repair, door painting, door varnishing or door hinge replacement, call Joydom Engineering now at +65 8163 2621

Besides door repairs, we can also help you with aircon servicing and repair , water heater repair and installation , ceiling fan installation, light installation , bidet installation, tap repair and replacement, and home repairs services. You will be delighted with our friendly and helpful handyman services.  We look forward to receiving your calls.