bidet installation

Bidet Installation And Bidet Repair

Anyone will agree how important and essential bidet is in our daily lives. It becomes a necessary tool and a must to have it in our comfort room. Bidet installation seems to be an easy job, but it would still require professional and skilled plumber to ensure that the standard procedure is met.  Joydom Engineering Pte ltd is guaranteed to provide you a well-experienced and professional cheap plumber to do this kind of job for you. We are not just one of the most reliable plumber company in Singapore that provides wide range of services, but we also make sure we maintain a good quality.

Customers may provide their own bidet spray, or they can also request for us to supply for them in which the price may vary depends on the requirements. But nevertheless, it is assured to be affordable and highly recommendable when it comes to the quality. Our company serviced Bidet installation, replacement or repair not just in residential but also for commercial properties. 

For cases like there happens to be a leakage we normally send our well- experienced plumber to thoroughly and properly assess the cause of the leakage to provide a better recommendation or solution to the problem. There is no work to be done unless the customer agreed with the price they were given. Once both has agreed with the price of the job, we can do the job on the spot. For easy jobs like bidet installation or replacement price is within the acceptable if not the cheapest in the market. 

We don’t want you to be caught up in such a hassle when looking for a reliable and trusted plumber. We understand how important this is for you especially for hygienic purposes. Get our contacts handy and call us immediately (8163 2621). We promised a quick response and make sure someone will be available to assist you within business or operational hours. You can also contact us not just with bidet installation but  with any plumbing issues you may have such as, clearing toilet bowl or sink choke, fixing toilet leakage, clear floor trap and drain choke, rectify toilet bowl water discharge, tap repair and replacement, copper pipe leakage repair, replace kitchen sink and basin tap, bottle trap, flush tank, replacement of toilet bowl and squatting bowl, replacement of installation of  rain shower mixer, bath tub replacement or installation, water heater installation and basin pop-up waste set  replacement etc. 

Joydom Engineering aims to have the fast and efficient yet in a much affordable price. Don’t let bidet installation or replacement cause you some headache, we want you to value your time and let us take care this kind of job for you. Call or send a message in WhatsApp to 81632621 or send  an email at, we are more than happy to assist you!   

We also offer a wide range of professional handyman services like electrical, aircon servicing and repair, door repair service, furniture assembly, and painting services. Need help figuring out a specific issue? Our team will be happy to talk to you.