bath tub installation, bath tub replacement

Bath Tub Installation And Bath Tub Replacement

Remodeling your bathroom and thinking about bath tub installation or bath tub replacement in Singapore? Bath tub installation can greatly add to the beauty and functionality of your bathroom for years to come.

Looking and buying for a new bath tub is very easy especially when you can buy it over the internet but the big problem is does the measurement suits on the measurement of your existing tub? You might need to be exact on the measurement and at least to give an allowance of 10mm on all the sides to ensure that it will fit on your existing bathtub.

When buying a bath tub you need to take note that Acrylic or fiberglass tubs are inexpensive, light, and easy to install. Some have finishes that are fairlydurable, but they may become dull in time. An enameled steel tub has a sturdier finish but lacks insulating properties; bathwater will cool quickly. Enameled cast iron is the most expensive and heaviest material but may be worth the cost because it retains a gleaming finish for decades, fills quietly, and keeps water warm the longest.

Bath tub Installation or Bath tub Replacement cannot be done by only one person. You will be needing atleast two to three people to help you out on this and they should be professional on plumbing job to ensure that there will be no leaking that will be coming out when you use the bath tub.

We will be glad to provide other plumbing services include bidet installation , tap repair and replacement , water heater repair and installation and kitchen sink repair and installations.

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