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Electrical Service

A power failure or power trip can be very stressful especially that our lives revolve around having electricity or electrical-driven gadgets or machinery.  There are a lot of things we just cannot simply do or even live without electricity, so when a situation happens that involves electrical power issues, some or most people cannot just help but to be frustrated.  It is very important not just in residential perspective but most especially in commercial or business aspect. If you are worrying of looking for a reliable and highly trusted electrical company in Singapore which is affordable or cheap, you can stop worrying now as you are on the right page. Great quality in a very cheap or affordable rate. 

There are a lot of electrical company in Singapore that offers cheap and affordable service prices, and Joydom Engineering Pte ltd is continuously making its difference to competitors by having a much customer-centric approach when it comes to providing the service. Our well-experienced and professional electricians are guaranteed to have established a good and personalised connections with our customers that made them return and go back to us for not just with their electrical issues but also with other handyman services they need that requires special skills.

Joydom Engineering Pte ltd highly prioritizes the satisfaction of every client, big or small jobs. We understand the inconvenience it can cause someone to have electrical issues at home and not being able to resolve it right away.  We are an electrical company in Singapore that accommodates electrical works from simple to complex issues. 

Below are the most common electrical works we have done, and we are offering:

1. Re-wiring and re-install socket outlet

2. Socket /PowerPoint installation 

3. Electrical Troubleshooting to identify root cause of the power issue 

4. Re-wiring for AC isolator and heater point 

5. Supply, install and replacement of Lights/bulbs

6. Fix and repair light fittings 

7. Supply, install and switch replacement

8. Run lighting points

9. Supply, install and replace chandelier

10. Supply, install and replace downlight

11. SCV Points installation

12. Data and Open net wiring and installation 

13. Telephone points installation

14. Supply, install and replace downlight

15. Repair ceiling or wall fan

16. Ceiling fan installation, ceiling light installation

17. Repair/ fix short circuit issues

18.   Aircon repair , servicing and installation

19.   Water heater installation and repair.

Electrical Company Singapore

People tend to panic and worry too much when an electrical tripping happens. As some can still try to fix the electrical problem themselves, most people however, don’t have the right skills to repair or fix these electrical issues. Its common that people are afraid to try and touch anything electrical for safety reasons. So, are you looking for an affordable and reliable Singapore Electrician? You can always contact our company and we will be more than glad to be of any help. 

Our company does re-wiring, installation, relocation, repair and electrical troubleshooting in HDB, condominiums, landed or even commercial and business area. The prices vary on the amount or work needed to be done. We also supply materials for most cases like ceiling fan replacement, water-heater installation, power-point, light bulb, socket, switch installation. We have electricians based in Singapore that’s reliable with strong experiences and our company is licensed to perform electrical jobs and works. 

Do not risk your safety when you face any electrical problems, it is best to call  professional, skilled and reliable electricians. Done do DIY for these kinds of issues. Do not ignore possible dangers. You can always count on us that have the proper tools and expertise. Most common electrical problems you will encounter are loose outlet plug, broken light switch, simple short circuit or even cut or damaged extension cord. These are harmless yet can be a big problem when not fixed immediately. But the major hazardous that’s commonly encountered as well is the flickering of lights/bulbs, or dead outlets, warm outlets or switches and light bulbs burn out frequently. When these things happen, you can give us a call and we’ll be right there off the bat for you. 

Electrical services, we can cater are not limited to the above- mentioned works or specific jobs. For cases like these are items we cannot assess the situation and we cannot provide an accurate quotation over the phone, we often offer a non-obligatory site survey and assessment, it depends on the scope of the issue and how complex the required job to have the item fixed or fulfilled. Joydom Engineering is one of the most reliable and trusted electrical company in Singapore, you can call and drop your inquiry anytime so you can see it for yourself. 

Our team composed of professional high-skilled and well experienced electricians are trained to perform electrical assessment and carry electrical works for HDB, Condo landed or even in commercial areas. We are committed to provide an electrical service in an efficient manner without compromising the quality of the work.  We have gathered multiple companies and numerous residential properties with the electrical needs. We don’t just aim to be included with one of the most reliable and trusted electrical company in Singapore, but we simply goal to be the best company on top of everything. 

Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd while continuously making to have a huge difference amongst other companies when it comes to providing a service, we always consider the budget, we give to our clients.  Call us or send us a message either in WhatsApp 81632621 or email and ask for a quotation, you can get it for free.

Contact Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd for the electrical service.  

Hit the phone call button and dial us at 8163 2621, email us at enquiry@joydom.com.sg, or send us a direct WhatsApp message with your electrical service inquiry so we can discuss and come up with the best solutions and resolutions that will cater your needs. You can also contact us for other handyman services (such as Carpentry service, plumbing service, Painting works, door and window services, and general maintenance work) as our company service is not limited to electrical service.  Our team will be happy to talk to you.