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Currently, many people prefer to purchase a curtain rod from the online store and do the rod installation by themselves. To install the curtain rod, you need to have the tools and what can you do if you don’t have the tools for the installation?

Hanging a curtain rod is simple, but it will seem tricky if you are never done it before. You can do it yourselves by following the quick guide as below:

Steps to install a curtain rod:

1. Choose the place where you want to hang the curtain rods and choose your preferences and the best type of curtain rod.

2. Measure the window frame width.

3. Decide whether to hang the curtain rod on the window frame or extend past it.

4. Allow and measure about 3 inches on each side of the window and put a remark at the wall to indicate that area. So, you will get adequate light during the curtains are open.

5. Put a remark about 4 inches above the window for mounting hardware.

6. Put the wall mount bracket on the wall at the remark that you made. Make sure the mounting bracket is straight by using a carpenter’s level. Then, use a pencil to mark the locations of the screw holes.

7. Repeat the step on the other side.

8. Drill the screw holes at the location that you have made the remarks.

9. Use the screwdriver or drill to fasten the brackets to the wall.

10. Double-check the bracket is secure on the wall.

11. Place the main curtain rod in place.

12. Hang the curtains and make sure the brackets are installed properly. Open and close the curtains to check its functioning properly.

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Look for a handyman

There are different types of curtain rod. If you have no idea to install the curtain rod on your own, you may look for a cheap and skilled handyman to install the curtain rod for you. We provide a cheap and skilled curtain rod installation services. You can contact us at +65 8163 2621/ +65 9068 6212 or send us an email to Moreover, we also provide aircon installation, water heater installation, lights installation, and other general handyman services.