Window Repair Singapore

Windows Repair, Installation & Replacement Singapore

  • Window repair and replacement Singapore is important to maintain the windows from deteriorating due to fair wear and tear. This is because the windows in your flat are always subject to rain and wind exposure.


    When do you need to check your home windows?

    You are responsible to check and ensure your home windows in your flat are in good and safety condition. Otherwise, the broken window could fall and may cause a serious injury to those below. Therefore, you need to check your window every 6 months and immediate action is important once you find your windows are in the dangerous condition. The immediate action can help to avoid any incident to occur.


    Besides, your windows handle and hinges may lose after a certain period or years of usage, you will need to find a handyman to repair for the faulty parts. Therefore, a professional handyman can help to replace the window hinges or handle in just a few minutes. At the same time, checking for the window grills condition is also important especially for those households which have small kids at home. The window grills will need to be changed when the windows grills are no longer secured or damaged. This is because small kids do not know how dangerous it is as they may do the climbing action at home without notice from the parents or adults.


    Therefore, it is important to check for the conditions of your windows from time to time to ensure your safety and also for others.

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