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Door and Window Services

Door and Window Service in Singapore

Joydom Engineering specializes in door and window services in Singapore for more than 4 years, our services are not limited to installation, replacement, and repair services. The talented door expert crew members can handle all kinds of door and window issues with a quick repair service by following the guideline.

Booking with Joydom is easy, we have a booking system that can easily check the earliest appointment slot and make a booking for you within 5 minutes. We have several communication channels like the website Live Chat, mobile for the direct call, WhatsApp contacts or email for easy connection with our customers. Whether you need a new door or window installation service or urgent quick repair needs, you can do so at any time by giving our expert a quick call or message.

Door Installation and Repair Service

Let’s share some popular door services we offer and what the skilled door and window expert / professional handyman does for customers.

Door Installation

Whether it is a new property or a resale property, Joydom always can help when you need a door installation service. Joydom provides door installation services for residential and commercial properties in Singapore, we install a wooden main door, metal gate, solid wood, and plywood with laminate bedroom doors for HDB, condominium, and landed houses. We are also installing sliding doors, glass doors and more for commercial customers such as restaurants, shops, officials and factories. If you are looking for a door specialist to replace a door, Joydom is the right company you should hire.


Wooden Door Repair

Many people choose wooden doors that may be of the classic beauty design. If your wooden door is a good quality, especially a solid wooden door or timber, it can go for years. The life expectancy of wood is very high, and just takes door varnishing service a few years once to protect the door elements.

A wooden door is a good quality and stable, but issues like alignment, hinges loose, door closer cannot hold the door anymore, door knob dropped out or door handle loose, all these might happen sometimes. Luckily, all these issues can be repaired at an affordable price instead of replacing a new door. One of the advantages of wooden doors is that they are modifiable, we did a project to help an international school modify their office door by making holes and inserting a piece of glass into all the office wooden doors.

Other than repairing or installing the wooden door, we do provide painting wooden door services and sand and varnish wooden door service.

Door Frame

Are you having the issue with the door still in good condition, but the frame is damaged? What can you do in this case? Don’t worry, you do not have to replace a full set of a new door and new door frame. We can help you take down the door, dismantle and clear the door frame and make good the wall surface before replacing a new door frame.

If your door frame bottom parts are rotten due to water damage, our door specialist can help you to patch them up without replacing the new frame. Contact us to get a solution today.

Glass Door Repair

Installing a new door can be easy and fast, but repairing work requires highly skilled and experienced door specialists to fix it. Why get a professional to repair the door? They can inspect and find out the issue, importantly, they understand how to make doors swing or slide smoothly and quietly, close naturally and lock and unlock easily.

We help a lot of customers to replace door parts, for example, floor spring for glass door, floor spring is considered expensive material among other parts of door, we usually provide a better brand like Dorma floor spring or supply similar brand materials for customers. Following door closure, the exposed type of door closure will be cheaper than the concealed in the door frame type, door closure cannot be repaired once it cannot hold the door anymore, the only solution is to replace it.


Shower Screen

How important and useful is it to add a shower screen or shower glass door in the bathroom? Most of the bathroom and toilet usual layouts are built together in HDB / BTO, or houses in Singapore. Hence, installing a shower screen to separate the dry and wet areas becomes a necessity. We enjoy the flexibility of a combination bathroom and toilet, it gives us more convenience and it’s become a part of our living culture and habits as Singaporeans.

There are many types of shower screens you can consider based on your bathroom size and layout to choose the most suitable panel. Most common and popular are acrylic shower screens, which come in different designs including bi-folded type, sliding type with 2-4 panels etc. Acrylic materials are much cheaper compared to glass materials. If your space is limited, install a fixed shower screen panel to give more space in the bathroom. Glass shower door comes with 2 handles and hinges to install on the wall. 

Joydom can do a good job to install or even replace your shower screen. Other than a new installation, we also service a lot to replace the glass-to-glass hinges and wall-to-glass hinges for shower screen repair service. Besides, we can replace the damaged shower screen rubber seal, we can prepare the same materials to replace it. Get us to check your shower screen if you are not sure whether it can be repaired or faulty.   


Toilet Door Replacement

Are you looking for a new toilet door? The most important function of a toilet door is water-resistant and lightweight. Joydom supplies and installs aluminum bi-fold doors and slide and swing doors  from basic type, premium type, and top hung type. If you are concerned about stepping on the bottom track of the bi-fold door, a top hung toilet door with a heavy-duty roller is a good choice for you. The aluminum bi-fold door is recommended to be installed for all types of property to enable almost 100% opening and saves space, just to ensure that the doorway should not exceed 31” x 82”. There are varieties of solid colors for acrylic panels.

You may also consider a PVC toilet door for commercial buildings. The PVC toilet door is swing type to open and close. PVC toilet doors are generally very light in weight and durable. The price depends on the sizes and designs, many choices of colors to choose from.


Aluminum Door

There are many types of aluminum door designs, but the common issue with the door is alignment issues, the surface being bumped by hard items, door drops and more. We can screw it back or tighten them to fix the alignment issue without replacing a new door. Other parts like door hinges, latch or handle can be replaced if needed.


Window Repair Service

Joydom provides minor repairs for windows and major works like the replacement of a full house window or a window grill. The type of window we supply and install includes a casement window – a window that swings glass panel with aluminum frame, second is sliding window- a window that slides across the other panels of window, the third is Louvered window- a window with a small rectangle glass with clips holder and handle to pull down or push up to open and close. These 3 types of windows are the common window in residential properties.

Window parts must be replaced correctly with guidelines to prevent other major issues. We repair and replace the window arm (top and bottom), window handle with lock, window latch, window rubber seal. It is also named inner gasket and outer gasket. Our window service range is wide, we can fix the window leakage issue including balcony sliding door as well, window glass replacement and more. Contact us if you need a window handle repair service or any window repair service.


Joydom Engineering is committed to observing safety and necessary standards for every service that we do, may it either be for replacement or new installation. Customers are guaranteed when it comes to expecting a good and high-quality output or result.

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We also provide plumbing service, carpentry service, painting service, electrical service, aircon service, flooring service and other general repairs and maintenance service.