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Marble and Parquet Floor Polishing

Marble & Parquet Floor Polishing Service

Marble Floor Polishing

Marble flooring looks luxurious and grand compared to other flooring materials, but it tends to lose its attractiveness and turn dull easily after a certain period. To maintain the rare and unique beauty of marble floors, most people choose to polish the marble floor. Marble floor polishing is affordable and the quickest way to restore marble shine. There are a few benefits if you polish your marble regularly:

  1. Marble Shine Restoration 

Marble floor polishing service not only restores the shine, but the most important thing is also to remove the stains on marble. Stains are not easy to clean up once it is absorbed deep into the pores of the stone. If you do not clean it, it will get more and turn yellow and dark brownish ugly stains on the surface. 

  1. Remove Etch Marks on Marble

An etch mark on marbles is mainly due to corrosive chemicals such as acid. Etch marks are easily found on the floor and bathroom basin countertop if you apply the wrong cleaner to clean marble. The acidic liquids corrode the stone surface, eating away at the finishing, but don’t worry, it can be polished to remove them fairly. Removing etches from marble is more complicated, contact our marble experts to help you today! 

  1. Kitchen Countertop Polishing

The kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop are the places that contact water every day, so it is easy to get stains on the marble countertop. The yellow stains or white stains look ugly and not hygienic if you do not clean them. Marble polishing service is able to remove the stains on marble and also polish the solid surface countertop. Over time, if your marble has some crack line, we will help to fill it up with marble sealer to patch it up. 

  1. Marble Table Polishing Service

Getting your marble dining table or coffee table polished helps to ensure that the marble surface keeps the exotic appearance, restores the shine, and makes them look like newly installed. Importantly, polishing is cheap and worth the money. Polishing your marble table could extend the usage for a longer period. 

Parquet Floor Polishing

  1. Parquet Sand & Varnishing

Damaged parquet surfaces or deep scratches are required to sand before polishing. Sanding the parquet flooring surfaces can remove the scratches and bring them back an even and smooth finish. With good care after sand and polishing parquet flooring, your parquet floor should maintain its luster for 10 years and above. 

  1. Parquet Polishing

You can choose to polish your parquet floor if the floor looks worn or scratched instead of replacing the new parquet. Joydom provides varnishing service for parquet flooring for living rooms and bedrooms at a reasonable price. If you have an outdoor deck or timer balcony flooring, our flooring expert can bring back the shine and keep the shine at least 5-6 years. 

  1. Wood Varnishing

Joydom’s polishing service is not limited to flooring only, with the expert varnishing technique, we can refurbish your old wooden furniture. Restoring furniture means, instead of throwing away the damaged furniture, we help to regain its value with varnishing. Wooden furniture restoration generally involves overall cleaning, minor sanding, and patching up crack lines before applying new varnish. Varnish finishes with either matt or glossy based on customer’s preference. 

  1. Wood Polishing

Our varnish experts are able to polish all wooden items at your home including wooden balcony deck, wooden patio pillars, sliding wooden panel doors, dining table, coffee table, chair, and more. The most popular service in Joydom is door varnishing for house main door, bedroom door, and commercial building doors. 

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