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Parquet Flooring Polish and Repair

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring essentially consists of small wooden planks arranged in a repeating pattern. Parquet wood flooring materials are available in different quality of wood, colors, hardwood flooring cutting shapes, and sizes.

Parquet floors being popular starting in the western country, the flooring makes your living more comfortable and warmer underfoot compared to mosaic or marble. One of the benefits of installing a parquet floor is affordable maintenance. Parquet or timber floor can be restored with sand and varnish, the polishing works can remove the stains or scratches and restore the parquet surface.


Parquet Floor Polish

If you are looking for a parquet floor polishing service in Singapore with sanding and restoration services, an experienced and professional polishing company like Joydom can give you the best service. Our professional polisher experts are trained and experienced in removing the dirt, marks, dullness, or chemical drops on the floor with a sanding machine before they varnish the floor. They will bring your old wooden floor again to life properly and professionally.

Other than the bedroom parquet floor, we do provide polishing services to polish composite timber decks for outdoor, wood decking for balconies, staircase handrail wood, timber staircase, and more. Joydom's parquet floor polish service is affordable and good quality, the cost for floor polish also includes floor skirting around the room which needs time and good technique to process carefully.  

The Advantages of Polish Parquet Flooring

Polish Wooden Floor Added Protection

The main advantages of polishing the parquet floor are that it adds extra protection to the wood floor surface from wear and tear. A protective layer of wax will be added after polishing to prevent scratches and damage. Floor finishes are more strong and more durable and that’s how they protect your parquet and make it more resistant to water.


Sand and Varnish More Stain-Resistant

Parquet floors could get stains or scratches easily compared to tiles if you do not take good care of them, especially for those who have kids or pets to play around with at your home. Activities like dragging toys and moving furniture on the floor parquet also will make scratches on the surface of the parquet floor. It is not easy to clean up or remove without a proper sanding machine Hence, hire a parquet polisher to help and restore the surface. The parquet floor stain-resistant will increase after polishing and maintain the quality of wood.


Maintain and More Durable

This would be a greater benefit of regularly engaging parquet polishing service for a long lifespan for your home flooring. You can easily change a built-in wardrobe, cabinet, and any furniture, but re-install flooring is a big project and not easy to arrange on your busy day. Therefore, you must choose your home flooring materials carefully and maintain them with polishing regularly. Furthermore, getting a professional polish contractor to polish your parquet floors ensures that they do not easily sustain any damage or repair the damaged pieces if needed.


Parquet Floor Repair

Joydom’s professional parquet flooring experts possess the knowledge and expertise required to make a fatigued-looking wooden floor appearance perfect and brand new. We will process the wooden floor inspection, our team will check with their experienced skills and find out which pieces of parquet are damaged and must replace.

Many parquet floors are damaged due to moisture, and water leakage can result in wood rot. It happens on the piece of the wood floor outside the bathroom or balcony door commonly. We go in and out with our wet legs between the bathroom and bedroom or the rainwater leakage from the balcony glass door also will cause the wood to rot after a period. The rotten parquet floor cannot be restored anymore if they are rotted and damaged, sand or varnish cannot bring the condition back, but our parquet service team is able to replace the damaged pieces.


Maintain Outdoor Decking

A balcony or outdoor deck can be an excellent option for any property, decking space providing additional space for relaxation or entertaining your guests. As we know the weather in Singapore is either hot sun or rain can turn the deck to fade and growth of mold easily, therefore, extra care and maintenance of the outdoor decking to extend its lifespan is also important.

If you have a decking balcony or outdoor decking platform, monitor it and check your deck and balcony regularly for any indications of damage or cracks. Get the deck specialist to fix it immediately. Besides, sand and polish decking can maintain the quality of wood flooring.


Solid Wood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floor upon your residential or commercial property means that your property is classy yet comfortable. Other than sand and polish service, we also provide solid wood flooring installation service in Singapore. We install parquet floors for indoor bedrooms such as Burmese Teak Wood Flooring, Chevron Oak Wood Flooring, Burmese Teak Flooring, American White Oak Flooring etc. Besides, one of our popular flooring services is outdoor decking. We install composite timber decks, wood decking for condo balconies, balcony decking for landed houses and more. For more information, please contact us.


Get in touch with us to restore your parquet flooring, let us help you replace, repair, or sand and varnish. Our parquet polish is the best and most economical in Singapore island.

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