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Custom Metal Gates, Fencing and Railing: A Perfect Blend of Security, Design, and Durability

Metal fencing or railing offers a versatile solution that seamlessly complements various types of residences, whether you own a landed property, a HDB / BTO flat, or a condominium. When considering the installation of new fencing or railing, engaging the services of a skilled fencing contractor is essential. They will take precise measurements and fabricate the fencing to fit your available spaces perfectly.

Metal is the preferred material for gates, fencing and railing due to its durability, strength and cost, allowing for the creation of intricate and strong designs to fit your home interior. In this article, we are excited to showcase some of our remarkable metal fencing and railing projects, highlighting the workmanship and versatility that metal brings to enhance both security and aesthetics in diverse residential settings.


1.       Pet-Friendly Gate Installation

At Joydom Engineering Pte Ltd, we proudly offer comprehensive metal fencing and railing services, with a particular focus on customizing pet-friendly gates for homes in Singapore. Our expertise extends to supplying and installing pet gates for various property types, including landed houses, HDB/BTO flats, and condominiums.

Unlike ready-made gate products, we prioritize a personalized approach. Our process typically begins with a site visit to the customer's residence, where we take the actual measurements and engage in discussions with pet owners. These conversations help us determine the ideal placement of gates, taking into consideration factors like height and opening gates especially when accommodating pets of varying sizes, such as dogs or cats.

While some customers prefer straightforward solutions, they like straight-line designs, others seek a combination of vertical and horizontal elements. Additionally, Joydom does not charge additional fees for fencing design services, saving our customers’s expense of hiring a separate designer. However, following the site survey and discussions, we provide a sketch that offers customers a visual representation of the proposed fencing design.


Project 1: Install Pet Gate with Railling at Landed House

pet gate installation service for landed house 

pet gate with opening access installation service

You find photos above showcasing our installation of the pet gates at a landed house. The gate is approximately 7.2 meters in length and stands at a height of 900mm. This generous space provides spacious space for pets to move freely. To accommodate different access points, we incorporated a total of three gate door openings within this structure.

The pure black colour is matching customer's wooden flooring. Based on the customer's request, we applied a coating of Kansai paint H-15 etching primer A530-0001 and black matte finish paint. The black matte gate result is modern and simple. 


Project 2: Install Pet Gate at HDB / Condo Residential House

install pet friendly gate for hdb flats

On the other hand, we offer supply and installation services for smaller pet gates designed specifically for HDB flats, BTO flats, and condominium units. These compact gates serve the purpose of restricting a pet's access to certain areas, which can be particularly useful when hosting guests at home. 

Our approach involves customizing the gate's size and design to seamlessly fit the entrance of your property. A popular choice among customers is the vertical straight-line gate, as showcased in the photo above. These gates feature 90-degree opening hinges and are equipped with a secure locking handle. Customers have the flexibility to keep the gate open or closed as per their needs.

These gates are not only strong and permanent but also designed for ease of removal should the need arise in the future. You may contact us if you want to install or dismantle gate service.


2.       Metal Railing for Attic Floor

install metal railing at attic floor 

install metal support for roof

Railing serves a multifaceted role in your property beyond just providing privacy or enhancing visual aesthetics. It also plays a crucial safety function by safeguarding children and pets from potential hazards, including dangerous angles and heights. If you happen to notice that your existing fencing or railing is exhibiting signs of rust, damage, or instability, we strongly recommend you reach out to reputable fencing companies for a thorough inspection. In cases where the existing railing has aged and become compromised, opting for a replacement offers a prudent solution.

As shown in the work images above, we specialize in customizing and installing railing alongside sturdy metal supports for roofs. This dual approach not only enhances safety by preventing accidents and falls but also provides robust structural support for your property.


3. Balcony Metal Railing Installation

balcony metal railing installation services 

custom balcony metal railing

Here's another example of a landed property that entrusted Joydom with the task of replacing its balcony railing. The replacement of the railing not only served as an upgrade but also played a pivotal role in enhancing the privacy of the balcony area, transforming it into a serene and relaxing space.

In this particular project, we installed railing on three sides, showcasing our flexibility in crafting diverse steel gap designs customised to meet the customer's specific preferences. We also provide other outdoor fencing services, if you are looking for a similar railing service, welcome to chat with our consultants to have a deeper conversation about the possibilities and discuss your unique requirements.


4.  BRC Fencing Installation

brc fencing installation services 

BRC fencing stands out for its exceptional strength and durability when compared to traditional fencing options. This robustness is achieved through a meticulous process where each panel and post undergo a hot-dip galvanization coating, adding a layer of protection against corrosion and wear.

The design of BRC fencing features a clean layout and sleek lines that naturally blend into any environment. This design ensures that BRC fencing can seamlessly complement various settings, whether it's a residential property, commercial space, or an industrial facility. Moreover, the clean lines not only enhance its visual appeal but also make maintenance and cleaning simple and easy, contributing to its long-lasting quality and appearance.

painting brc fencing with nippon paint

The original color of BRC fencing material is silver. However, some customers may prefer a different color to suit their preferences or to better blend with their surroundings. In the photo above, you can see an example where one of our customers requested an additional coat of green paint to be applied to the BRC fencing after its installation. We use of Nippon paint to ensure the quality of the paint. Check out more Nippon Paint colour codes.


5. Staircase Railing Installation

staircase railing installation services

The primary function of staircase railings at home is ensuring safety, secondly, they also have the potential to elevate the overall interior aesthetics, aligning with your home's design concept. When it comes to durability and visual appeal, metal staircase railings stand out as an excellent choice compared to wooden stair railings.

The image above illustrates an example of our metal staircase railing design, meticulously customised to meet the unique preferences based on our customer’s requests. Our team takes great pride in fabricating these railings to align with your vision. Whether you're looking for a modern or minimalist design, our metal staircase railings can be customized to suit your specific requirements.


In conclusion, you might be wondering about the cost of fencing installation, and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised to find that it's more affordable than you may have initially thought. This affordability is primarily attributed to the use of metal as the primary material, which tends to be more budget-friendly compared to alternatives such as aluminum or stainless steel.

It's important to note that providing fixed pricing is challenging due to the fencing and railing projects required to customise. Each project varies in terms of size, material quantity, and design specifics. To obtain an accurate quotation customised to your unique requirements, we encourage you to Whatsapp Us a photo of your existing fencing or the installation space, along with the estimated measurements. Our team will promptly provide you with an online estimate quote, ensuring transparency and convenience in the process.

Our fencing and railing installation services include a wide range of materials, and we're here to assist you with any inquiries or service requests. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss your fencing needs further. 

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