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The Best Wrought Iron Fence and Railing Services In Singapore

The first thing people see when they pass through your property is your wrought iron fences. In order to install wrought iron fences and railings to secure space and mark boundaries, fences and railings are widely used as the edging to frame the property. Each style and design of fences and rails could enhance the home's external looks or even landscape design in the garden. 

There are many materials that can be used as fences such as chainlink, concrete fencing, bamboo fences, aluminum, vinyl, or wood. But, the most strongest and durable material for fencing and railing is wrought iron, this is also the reason being the most popular choice in Singapore. We offer to customize wrought iron fences and rails as well to fulfill and match any size and home style.

Outdoor Boundary Fence Railings

The outdoor boundary fences and railings are the most appealing parts of a property. Upgrading your outdoor boundary fence railing can make it stand out and increase your property value. Homeowners can pick from multiple variations of design, color and form and get a professional railing contractor to install. Construction skills are important, a good and experienced fence and railing company knows how to customize the exact measurement and do a good job for replacement. 

Staircase Railing

Staircases without handrails could be very dangerous and could cause an accident. The primary function of the staircase railing serves as hand support when people walk up and down the staircase. Besides safety purposes, staircase railing can provide a better home interior with different designs and materials. The common materials include wooden / timber, iron / metal, stainless steel or glass.

Balcony Fences Railing

Some owners want clear glass panel balcony fences for a better vision of view but most of the owners require a private space so they install balcony fences railing to prevent a direct view from outside or opposite the building to the house and rooms. A small gap in iron fence railing stripes could block the view from outside the building and allow for light and fresh air to pass freely through. Importantly, smaller gaps in balcony railing help to protect kids, pets or unaware adults while having activities on the balcony. Wrought iron balcony fences and railings are affordable and easy to maintain by repainting them. 

Solid Timber Fencing

Wooden fencing is suitable for sectioning off a separate area for garden boundaries, backyard or swimming pool side. The natural wood brown color and design of the fences really emphasize the beauty of the landscape in the garden and places for relaxing. Timber fences are organized with different sizes, shapes of planks by overlapping vertically or horizontally or perfectly symmetrical. 

If you are planning to purchase new wrought iron fences and railing or wooden fences, contact us to book a site survey or get a quotation. Simply submit a form or direct call or WhatsApp us at +65 8163 2621 or +65 9068 6212.