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Best Type of False Ceiling for Home

Gypsum Board - false ceiling materials called plasterboard are the most preferred choices of false ceiling materials for residential and commercial properties. Gypsum board materials are lightweight, strong, fire-resistant, and highly durable. The most common design we can find is in square pieces, but these materials can make any designs and shapes compared to wooden materials. Therefore, many designers choose gypsum boards to design the house interior for the homeowners. 

Gypsum board ceiling installation is easy and cost-effective, the false ceiling installer can quickly install the metal brackets and gypsum board panels. The arrangement is simply after measuring properly and fixing the brackets. As known as the patterns of the false ceiling can make the interior more decorative, there are more benefits you should know before you install the false ceiling. 

Benefits of Residential and Commercial False Ceilings

Conceal Electrical Wiring / Cables and Pipes

Electrical wiring running across the home with an exposed trunking case is very common especially at HDB flats in Singapore. The exposed electrical wiring and cables impede the appearance of the house design and are not hygienic with dust above the trucking case. Installing a false ceiling allows the electrical wires to conceal inside a false ceiling for better visualization and cleaning. 

Decorative Lighting

Lighting plays a major role in interior design. If you require a lighting decoration at your home, a false ceiling not only helps you to hide those electrical wiring, but installing a false ceiling is also a great way to camouflage the exposed structural beams running along the roof slab. No light points limitation with a false ceiling, you can personalize your lighting without worrying about fixtures or wiring. One of the popular designs is running LED light along the L Box shaped false ceiling, the center remains the original ceiling height keeping the ceiling height but perfect lighting design with false ceiling.

Easy to Access

False ceiling is the most favorable choice among interior designers, other than being flexible in designing the texture such as L Box false ceiling, U Box false ceiling or full cover false ceiling, the experts can install easily and quickly after installing metal brackets. The installers can quickly install any designs of the false ceiling with a safety guarantee.

Reduce Energy Cost

If your home has a high ceiling, it will need more energy from air-conditioning to cool up the entire room. One of the significant reasons to install a false ceiling is to lower the ceiling and ensure optimum cooling by aircon. Thus, it is a greater idea for energy efficiency and reducing electricity bills. Besides, a false ceiling is good at absorbing heat and keeping your house cool. In addition, if you have a ceiling cassette at your home, a false ceiling can conceal the ceiling cassette and could add beauty to the room. 


Easy to Repair

Just in case of any external damage such as water leakage on the ceiling, gypsum plasterboard false ceiling can be repaired or replaced. Cases like water heater storage leaking and damaging the false ceiling in the bathroom. The expert just has to replace or repair the access panel of the false ceiling. 

A functional false ceiling offers many benefits and features to houses and offices. We hope you found our sharing of false ceiling benefits useful. Contact us if you are interested in installing a false ceiling or repairing a false ceiling. Simply submit a form or direct call or WhatsApp us at +65 8163 2621 or +65 9068 6212. Our consultation is free, we will understand your ceiling layout and give you a free quotation.