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Tile Installation and Repair Service

Tiling service by Joydom Engineering has experienced tilers and handymen who are expertly trained for professional workmanship in the tiles installation process and good quality materials. Our onsite expert will proceed with a site survey at your residential property or commercial property, they calculate the area of tiling and prepare a detailed quotation with your requirements to make sure the tile installation cost is transparent.

Don’t worry if you do not have any ideas about what to repair for your house popping tiles, cracked tiles, or hollow tiles for the tile floors, we will check and explain to you by providing the most suitable solution at a reasonable price. We are tile contractors who supply materials and provide service without any middleman, no need to pay extra with our tiling service, and hassle-free.

Install Floor Tiles in Singapore

Floor tiles are the most common flooring materials chosen by homeowners in Singapore. It is easy to clean, long-lasting and durable, the most important thing is affordable pricing. If you are planning to change your house flooring, tiles would be one of the best materials you should consider. 

Our tiling service is included installation, replacement, and repair services for bathroom floor tiles, bathroom wall tiles, living room and bedroom floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles, kitchen wall tiles, countertops, wall tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles and etc. We can help you to replace full tiles on your property or replace them partially for the damaged pieces only.

1. Install Kitchen and Bathroom Wall & Floor Tiles

Tile materials are not for flooring only, it is commonly used on kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles as well. Tiles can make many designs and patterns for a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation. You can select the tiles design and install any patterns as per your choice. There are a lot of color choices, shapes, and styles. 

Tips to install kitchen wall, kitchen wall can easily resist stains, and you can choose bigger sizes of tile to install for easy cleaning purposes. The same goes for toilet wall tiles, bigger sizes and rectangles always look prettier than square sizes. Color-wise dark color tiles for the bathroom are popular, gray tiles bathroom look modern and stylish. Besides, many people choose to install ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom because they have anti-slip surfaces. 

Other than the new installation of tiles, we do provide services for kitchen tile replacement, bathroom tiles replacement, and tiles cleaning with chemicals to remove the stain. Wall tiles can be cracked after a few years just like floor tiles, we help customers to replace and install the damaged tiles. We do overlay tiles for a bathroom as well. Chat with us at WhatsApp +65 8163 2621 / +65 9068 6212 to check out our tiling service.

2. Popping Tiles Repair

Tiles popping up is very common in Singapore due to extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity. Can it be replaced with the selected popping tiles only instead of replacing the full area? Of course, Joydom provides services to replace the popping tiles at many HDB flats, condos, and landed houses. Always remember to check every piece of tiles if you buy a resale house. If you find popping tiles or hollow tiles, get a trusted tiller team to replace them before you move in.

3. Cracked Tile Repair

Different materials of tiles could increase the chances of cracked tiles due to the various thermal expansion rates within a single floor tile. Other incidents like heavy items dropping to the floor will make the tiles crack as well. We can supply similar tiles and re-install them to make sure the tiles look similar overall. We also can supply labour service only to replace it if you provide the spare stiles.

4. Regrouting Tiles

Tiles grouting could be a worthwhile home improvement service that keeps your floors look like new. Our professional grout restoration service helps to refresh your worn-out bathrooms and shower stall grout. We will remove the old grout and clean it before we fill the new grout. Regrouting tiles gaps makes your tiles more resistant to mold, prevents water from seeping behind the shower floors and walls, and ensures the floor and walls are long-lasting. 

Best Bedroom Flooring Ideas

- Vinyl Flooring Installation & Repair

When we talk about economical, durable and attractive flooring design for bedrooms, that would be vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is made with a PVC layer that provides stability and support. The surface contains UV acrylic coating to protect the floor from strong sunlight damage. The wear layer is also made to protect against scratches. 

It is easy to take care of and has more designs to choose from. Vinyl flooring design and colors of random repeat pattern surface grain texture can be selected to match your bedroom decoration. Many young customers like young working adults or students like to install vinyl flooring in their rooms. 

- Parquet / Timber Flooring Installation & Repair

Parquet is one of the favorite wood flooring materials chosen by interior designers. Parquet and flooring timber are kinds of wooden materials that make your entire rooms look luxurious. There are multiple patterns and light shades to dark shades available to match the tone of your interior design.

In general, parquet floor installation is not the cheapest option, but the richness of parquet or timber has a classic design to make a good match for the home design. 

Joydom also provides parquet floor polishing service, parquet floor sanding and varnish including the staircase to remove the scratches and maintain the wood quality. To know more about parquet polishing service, please contact us to get a free quotation.

Why Choose Joydom Engineering Tiling Service

At Joydom Engineering, we have built our reputation on quality materials and take pride in every project we work on. Our sales assistants always listen to your request patiently and provide a professional solution that matches your requirements and budget. 

For more information on best practices for your tiles flooring installation or repair service, contact Joydom’s expert at +65 8163 2621 or +65 9068 6212 or email to enquiry@joydom.com.sg