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Electrical Services

Need to fix electrical problem urgently? The electrical issue can be a hassle, especially issues like power tripping, burning wiring, sparking, or melting of electrical fittings happen without any signals. Getting a professional electrician to deal with all kinds of electrical issues to ensure safety purpose is important.

Joydom Engineering is the best and cheap electrical company to provide electrical services island-wide in Singapore. The professional electricians are always ready to help you to fix and troubleshoot any kinds of power failure issues and electrical tripping problems. Not limited by the big projects such as whole house wiring jobs, our certified electrician is able to work for whole house re-wiring or part re-wiring projects. We have worked for many HDB, condo, and landed resale houses for recurring tripping of circuit breakers, replacing the burnt PVC trunking case for exposes wires, and replacing switches.

  1. Light Installation Service

With our electrical services, our electricians are experts in replacing power sockets, switches, DB box, lights tube, light bulbs, and so on. Sometimes we shop and buy lights we like and match our home decoration, but we need a professional installation service to replace the light at home. Here we are providing the convenience of light installation services including LED light installation, ceiling light installation, chandelier light installation and track light installation if you purchase lights from other shops like Ikea or other lighting shops.

  1. Supply & Install New Light Service

If you are looking for quick service to replace a similar light, we do supply lights to replace your existing light like ceiling LED surface light, light for kitchen and bathroom, living room and bedroom downlights, dining room ceiling light, and more at a fair and affordable rate. Save your time and budget to get a new light from us, you can contact our chat assistants for light product photos. 

  1. Power Tripping Solution

You may not know when and why the power is tripped, it is very common for a house power trip. For your safety, please stop trying to reset the circuit if the power is not resumed. Let the professional electricians troubleshoot and fix it. Joydom’s electricians can find out the issue and explain to you what causes the electrical trip and what to fix. 

  1. Power Socket & Switch Installation / Replacement

Whether you are looking for a new installation of power points and switches for BTO or to replace the old and faulty socket and switches replacement for a house, we are able to install or replace it for you with professional service. We can add additional power point and switch for you with concealing type or exposed type with PVC trunking case. Furthermore, we do the wiring for internet LAN cable from living room to bedroom. Share your requests with us and we will give you the best solution. 

What Our Customers Like Us

Quality & Professional Service: We offer a minimum 7 days service warranty for those services without materials supply; and 30 days warranty for services that involve materials replacement. Our electrician workmanship is being trained under the proper electrical guidelines and attended electrical courses in Singapore. We make sure all work finishing is completed correctly and nicely.

Immediate Support & Speedy Response: Joydom’s customer service team is very responsive and helpful, you can get in touch with the chat assistants anytime through email, WhatsApp, Google chat, Facebook messenger or direct call. The operation hours are from 8:30am – 7pm daily. Booking with Joydom is very easy, we can find the latest slot for customers once they confirm to make an appointment. If you need a same-day booking service, call Joydom now!


Price Transparency: Our rates are fair and affordable; no hidden fees are charged at the end of the service. We inform the total service fees to customers before making any appointments. We supply lighting materials and provide service at reasonable pricing. Check with our assistants to find out more.

No matter is a power trip or a light bulb burnt, our electrician can solve it immediately on the same day with affordable pricing. Contact us at + 65 8163 2621 / + 65 9068 6212 for the light installation and electrical services or email us the inquiry at enquiry@joydom.com.sg. Need a quick chat? Contact us on website Livechat now!