Curtain Rod Installation Singapore

Curtain Rod Installation | Curtain Rail and Track

Nowadays it is very common to buy a curtain rod from furniture shop like IKEA and then install the curtain rod yourself. However, do you think it is easy to install the curtain rod? What tools must you have? Do you need the help of a handyman?

You must have the following tools:

Ladder: As the curtain rod is usually fixed above the top of the window, you need a ladder to perform the installation. If you have a high ceiling and high window, your ladder must also be of equivalent or greater height for easy installation.

Measuring type: You need the measuring tape to ensure that the curtain rod is fixed at the appropriate location and not slanted and not out of alignment.

Pencil: A pencil is used to mark the point you wish to drill.

Drill, Drill Bit, and Anchor: You have to drill holes to fix the rod bracket which holds the curtain rod to the wall. The anchor enables the screw to hold the rod bracket firmly to the wall.

Screw and screw driver: The screw driver and screw is necessary to fasten the rod bracket to the wall.

Joydom Engineering can provide you with the skilled person to install your curtain rod. In addition, we also provide curtain track and curtain rail repair. However, it may just cost slightly more replace the curtain track and curtain rail than repairing them. As such, most people choose to replace them than to repair them. Please call us at (+65) 81632621 or email us at

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