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Problem with Toilet Bowl

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most common problems of toilet bowl are discussed below and you are likely to face them once in a while. That is why you need a toilet repair singapore to fix your problem!

Toilet Repair Singapore

When toilet bowl chokes, it is very unpleasant because the waste is going to remain there or going to flow back and dirty your toilet. You should not flush it with water anymore because it may only cause more back flow.

Most of us should have a manual pump at home to clear the choke. If you are lucky, you may just dirty your hands and clear the choke with the manual pump. If you are not lucky, you may face more mess and have no choice but to call a handyman or plumber to clear the toilet choke for you.

Leaking Reservoir

Sometimes, it is not the toilet bowl problem but the reservoir (i.e. container which supply the water to clear the waste in the toilet bowl). Most frequently, you would face a leaking reservoir (i.e. when water keeps flowing into the toilet bowl even though you did not flush it). If the reservoir is leaking, you are constantly wasting water. The fault usually lies in the reservoir’s flushing system or the rubber gasket. The plumber will troubleshoot the problem and replace the necessary parts to ensure that it does not leak anymore.


Could Not Flush the Toilet Bowl

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Occasionally, you may not be able to flush the water from the reservoir to the toilet bowl. The problem is definitely due to malfunctioning of the flushing system in the reservoir. The plumber should be able to repair it easily.

Changing Toilet Bowl Seat

You may wish to change the toilet bowl seat because it is spoilt or you want a different design. This can be done quickly and professionally by a handyman. However, you must make sure that the toilet seat fits nicely to your toilet bowl because toilet bowl and toilet seats come in different sizes. Before you buy your toilet seat, it is good to have the measurement with you.

Sometimes, you change the toilet seat because you wish to upgrade it to one with an electronic bidet. As it involves the connection of electrical wires and water pipes, you may wish to call a handyman to install it properly for you.

Replacing Toilet Bowl

Replacing Toilet Bowl can either be done by a renovation contractor or a handyman. Most frequently it is done by a renovation contractor in Singapore. Some handyman also performs this task. You may wish to compare the fee quote given by a contractor and a handyman to decide which to go to.

Toilet Bowl and Flushing System Repair by Plumber from Handyman Singapore

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